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The EWA-APESB Joint Conference on Sanitation Approaches and Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SAS-SDG) is arranged under the auspices of the European Water Association (EWA), and APESB (Portuguese Association for Sanitary and Environmental Engineering) in cooperation with CERIS-IST-UL (Centre for Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability of Instituto Superior T├ęcnico, University of Lisbon). The event will be arranged to promote exchange of scientific and technical information on sanitation approaches and solutions between professionals, aiming to contribute to multiple objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. The topics covered will attract participants both from Europe as well as from outside of Europe, namely from North Africa and South America, where sanitation approaches and solutions also arise as important challenging topics.

The Conference will focus upon sanitation systems, covering the full range of alternatives from high to low tech options and from decentralised to centralised solutions. The event intends to make available proven technologies with the ultimate aim of achieving more sustainable and affordable wastewater systems. In particular, this international conference aims to promote the use of low cost technologies that provide added value through reducing operation and maintenance costs, while meeting stringent discharge water quality standards. Recovery and safe use of resources from wastewater streams will also be taken into account, opening up new possibilities towards a more bio-based economic growth, through the use of valuable resources embedded in wastewater streams and promoting business possibilities and job opportunities.


Conference secretariat:

Mrs. Gabriela Cunha

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